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Backhoes are another word for Shovel and digging backward rather than lifting it forward. Backhoes have containers or buckets on the front facing the front making them ‘backhoes.’ This reconfigured facing forwards makes them less efficient. Most backhoes are in their most great curling the tail, together with the dipper arm next boom movements the most stable, and most reliable. Backhoes are also known for as a mechanical excavator with an extension comprising a pair as it’s drawn back towards the machine on an extending arm, which is often utilized to scoop up the earth.


KUB B826 6’ 12” 23 $200 $650 $1600
J.D. 310 14’ 12”-24” 63 $450 $1100 $2250
J.D. 310 4×4 14’ 12”-24” 63 $475 $1150 $2350
W / HOERAM (1000lbs) $900 $2300 $5450

Heavy Equipment Rentals Like Dozer Rental with Rocky Hill Equipment Rental provides reliable, efficient, heavy earthmoving equipment throughout the State of Texas.


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Rocky Hill Equipment Rental backhoes were created to be versatile, robust and exceptionally productive. Each version comes with a curved boom design for dig depth and great reach. Maximum operator comfort with ergonomically designed controls as well as a lumbar-supporting suspension seat.

Backhoe Loaders provide a rich mix of precision and speed for optimum operation. Units are offered in 5 different models.

Our backhoe rental is equipped to manage an assortment of excavating occupations while saving money and time along the way. It can lift, load, and unload heavy gear with reliable power. This two-wheel drive version is geared for smaller excavating work in comparison to others, which is better for smaller jobs.

See Chart Below. Along with the Extended backhoe choice for increased digging depth and reach.

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Before Renting a backhoe – information you should know

The backhoe can be for any size of construction or home project. In renting you should also consider some things for fast and easier control. Know the features of the backhoe you want to rent so it will save you some time controlling it. You must also want to consider renting a backhoe that has safety features like a roll cage or a protecting frame in some cause you will tip the backhoe over. Better to select the size of backhoe bucket for your job when renting, for a large loading job then a huge backhoe bucket is perfect. So before going to a backhoe rental company to rent one, you might have some small ideas of what type of backhoe you will need to accomplish the job and save you both time and money. If you just rent a backhoe with no ideas what type of work you will use it for will end you up paying a higher cost.


Backhoe Rental

In an ordinary job, there will be times that you need a backhoe to help you accomplish your work. But it does not always mean that you need actually to buy one just to achieve that one task. Renting one can be a solution to that problem. You can browse through the yellow pages for some backhoe rental and ask the backhoe rental company for a quotation. Renting a backhoe is an easy step to do so that you can finish your work with a little money spent.

Whether you need a backhoe to work on a project for months or just a single day renting a backhoe rental can still be a cheaper option than buying one then leave it on the corner after the project is done, buying a backhoe for one project can be a dead investment unless you have a construction company. Almost all backhoe rental companies lease their backhoe on incomparable schedules.There are companies that offer their backhoe rental for you to rent it on a single day, one week, one month and even hours of operation. Most big gear machines have a gauge that tells you exactly how many times the machine has been used; it is similar to the mileage of a vehicle, but instead, it measured in hours. In a situation that you will only use the backhoe for only ten hours then you might rent it for the whole day and return it on the same day you have rented it.


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