Backhoe Rental San Antonio

Backhoe Rental in San Antonio

Renting a backhoe can speed up many projects. When backhoe diggers first came around, they followed their origins to early steam shovels. True to the name these were backhoe type of machines that ran on steam. Years progressed, and the Backhoe no longer ran on steam but by an engine. An engine with enough horsepower to be able to be true to its name

How the backhoe works and operates

Very much like a curl or what they call in the construction industry an arm with a dipper that has a tail curl. This arm pivots on the main bucket of the backhoe. A backhoe might be equipped with a thumb, which shuts with the dipper to catch things like stones, dirt, and logs.
It seems like a simple machine – it is. It is probably the most versatile and most used on construction sites and for small back yard projects.

When renting a backhoe in San Antonio

Research can facilitate the right choice in selecting the right compact industrial tool or machine for the job. First, scale the project to square footage, figure out the manpower it would take to finish the project, and if the area is readily available by a massive piece of machinery.

Getting Started

Depending on skill level as an operator one could always rent a compact backhoe for projects on the farm or at home. Not only can it help you maneuver easily – it is less forgiving and easier to operate. If space is tight in a back yard in the city – probably best to hire an operator. Always ensure there are no power lines below the ground or above before digging. Renting a backhoe in San Antonio is likely to be more economical then purchasing one. Purchasing a backhoe is usually done by construction companies that continually need to use the backhoe and maintain the backhoe on a maintenance plan.

Outsource backhoe jobs like light excavation or tree and stump removal would be easily done instead of renting and learning how to operate the backhoe.

But with all the alternatives that are available, it is easy to get overwhelmed when searching for the perfect backhoe. Calling us at RockyHill Equipment and let us help you decide what backhoe is best for the project. We have years of experience in the field.

That is the reason why before making your purchase, it’s important to evaluate your demands and expectations for your project. Knowing what your backhoe can make an impact immediately on time management. Using smaller machines can lengthen the project time from. A bigger Backhoe or tool may be perfect what you need to complete the project in a fraction of the time.

When renting a backhoe in San Antonio, the right merchandise ought to be robust enough to handle all-important jobs, easy to use and something you feel comfortable managing.

By taking some time to comprehend and value factors like horsepower size, and the features a backhoe has to offer – you can feel sure knowing the job will be completed. No matter how big and small.


The first and most important consideration to think about is property size and the-the accessibility to the project area. When Renting a Backhoe in San Antonio will the backhoe be used in a relatively open space or are you going to want the backhoe and a tractor that can fit in tight spots? Comprehending how you’ll operate the rental equipment your tractor and backhoe will allow it to be easier to pick the perfect size.

Uses for the backhoe

If you are in the inner city with a small yard or back yard area – renting a smaller backhoe may work better. Or depending on the neighborhood jurisdiction, your needs probably fall into the backhoe subcompact class. Sub-compacts backhoes have more flexibility, maneuverability, and versatility – much like their larger counterparts. Renting a compact backhoe tractor refers to tractors with less then 40 PTO horsepower and under.

If your property is like a farm or a large estate, more open and needs less maneuverability, a big or medium to large backhoe to rent would work better. Medium or large compacts offer an excellent deal of attributes and functions but lack some the maneuverability found in smaller sub-compacts.

Horsepower in renting a backhoe in San Antonio

After you choose the right-sized tractor, you should take a look at the specifications that are available in the backhoe class, beginning with horsepower. The more horsepower, the more power you have to push, dig, haul and lift for your project.

It is critical to compare gross horsepower, which represents the quantity of power the engine makes, and PTO horsepower. PTO horsepower is what’s left to use the implements after reductions for engine functioning. PTO horsepower is different then the engine torque – two most important specifications to consider because they change the ease of operation along with the abilities of the tractor.

The torque of an engine is used to keep speed and continuous power when the tractor is under load or operating an attachment.