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Excavators bring functionality, flexibility, and versatility to your work site.

The excavator may also be utilized using a hydraulic hammer accessory in demolition occupations. Other accessories: pail in the hydraulic thumb, grappler, hydraulic hammer, as well as a variety of sizes.


KUBOTA K008 6’ 8” 10 $275 $825 $1620
BOBCAT E32 10’ 12” – 24” 27 $300 $900 $2000
BOBCAT E50 12’ 12”- 24” 50 $395 $1150 $2850
BOBCAT E88 14’ 12”- 24” 85 $500 $1500 $4000
J.D. 200LC 22’ 36” 160 $1125 $2750 $6500
W/4000 LB BRKR - - - $2325 $5150 $12500

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Perfect Jobs when renting an excavator are; Digging Excavating ponds, Demolition occupations, a trench and other holes, transferring stuff.

An excavator is a building vehicle used to dig or transfer large items. It’s composed of two parts: a strong boom arm with a fastener made for digging as well as a driving foundation. The operator controls the arm and sits inside a modest cab connected to the foundation. The foundation has two sets of tracks that are joint which are connected to the face of the excavator.

Excavators are heavy construction equipment comprising a boom, stick, pail and cab on a rotating stage called the “house”. The house sits atop an undercarriage with wheels or tracks. They frequently incorrectly called power shovels and were a natural progression from the steam shovels. Functions and all motion of a hydraulic excavator are realized with hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors, via using hydraulic fluid. Because of the linear actuation of hydraulic cylinders, their manner of functioning is fundamentally distinct from cord-controlled excavators th

Crucial points about the qualities of an excavator

Constructions Equipment Experts

Superb all around viability

Climate Control

Simple-to-use joystick controls

Fast & Versatile

Excavators are ready for any construction job


Digging of trenches, holes, bases


General grading/landscaping

River Dredging

Driving Piles

Drilling rotating shafts for stone blasting

Well-maintained heavy rental equipment

Excavators and why you need one

What exactly is an Excavator?

An Excavator is one of the most distinctive pieces of heavy-duty equipment to be found on a construction site and is commonly used to perform a wide variety of construction tasks where a combination of brute force and precision is needed. We’re talking about the serious kit for serious work. If you need to dig up heavy rocks and stones from the ground, slice through steel and smash up large areas of concrete, an excavator is your best bet. People take their excavators very seriously. In Australia, there is even a National Excavator Championship!


Where did they come from?

The first hydraulic excavator was built in 1951 by a French family business called Poclain founded by Georges Bataille and run with his two sons. Poclain went on to become one of the most renowned names in the construction industry. Following rapid expansion in the 1970s taking over several other supplier companies, they eventually suffered in the recession, selling first 40% and ultimately more than 98% of their business to Case of America.

What are the main benefits of using excavators

WE have several different brands and size of commercial and small-sized equipment for rent. All our heavy rental equipment are extremely useful pieces of equipment as they can be used for a vast range of different purposes. With just one machine, it’s possible to accomplish massive quantities of digging work, lifting and transferring very heavy materials, demolishing large and robust structures and grading work.


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Unlike other, older types of heavy equipment such as the more old-fashioned Loader Backhoes, excavators can be highly specialized depending on the task at hand. Where precision is needed; there is a range of different attachment types that enable the machine to adapt to the exact nature of the work in progress. Need to quickly remove large quantities of soil from a back garden? ‘Bucket’ attachments are the answer. Need to carefully lift an item and move it? A ‘Thumb’ or a ‘Grapple’ will get the job done. The huge flexibility of excavator machines has seen their popularity amongst construction professionals grow exponentially in recent years. They can now be found doing the heavy lifting and digging on basketball courts, swimming pools, on fencing projects, landscape gardening jobs French drains and many more places.

As their popularity grows, the number of companies producing and distributing excavators has also exploded, meaning that construction professionals have a wider choice with more competitive prices than ever before.

Excavators For Rent for DIY or commercials

What are the main parts of an excavator?

There are three main types of excavator rental models. The Midi or Mini Excavator (the most compact type, often used for tasks where greater dexterity is needed the Bucket Wheel model, and the Loader Backhoe.A modern-day hydraulic excavator consists of several crucial parts including the Arm, Motor, and Cab.

Motor is one of the most expensive parts of the machine, but also one of the most important as it is responsible for generating the power to operate the rest.

The Arm is the functional section of an excavator. It is moved by hydraulics and also levers from within the Cab, the place where the person operating the machine manipulates its movements and accomplishes the task at hand.

So what are the leading manufacturers?

If you have questions about any of our services, maintenance, how we conduct or business or just need to know what heavy rental equipment will get the job done – contact us right away. We have a knowledgeable staff that can answer any of your questions

Caterpillar: Regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. The American company builds machinery colored a distinctive “Caterpillar Yellow,” so they’re easy to spot.

Komatsu: A Japanese company that has expanded into a multinational enterprise manufacturing a range of military, mining and construction equipment such as the popular PC88MR model.

Hitachi: Another Japanese company, Hitachi sells a very wide range of products, from Information and Telecommunication Systems to Automotive Systems and, of course, excavators and all of the extra parts you could possibly need.

After trenching – Roller rental can even the landscape

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