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Our Heavy Equipment Rental Inventory

We aim in providing the most reliable equipment rental in San Antonio for the construction and building industry.

Rocky Hill Equipment Rentals, Inc. has the inventory for all of your construction needs. We specialize in loaders, backhoes, rocksaws, trenchers, motor graders, excavators, forklifts, lay down machines, rollers, dozers, and everything a large and small construction company would need.

A construction Back Hoe digging the footings for a foundation.

Backhoe Rental

In an ordinary job, there will be times that you need a backhoe to help you accomplish your work.

Easy Rental

For a few days or long term - we offer both rental options


Pick or deliver is available


Excavators Rental

We have several different Excavators brands and size of commercial and small sized equipment for rent.


Flexible for any job type. Small residential jobs or large construction jobs.


Several different sizes to choose from

san antonio equipment rental


Remote maintenance when on a job and the heavy rental equipment brakes down or malfunctions.

No lost time

We will fly our expert mechanic to your remote location.

Expertice Maintenance

No down time.

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Other Equipment Rental Services

Rocky Hill Equipment Rentals, Inc. offers many other equipment rentals such as:

  • vac trailers
  • water trailers
  • compaction, compactor tools
  • air compressors
  • complete maintenance fleet

Call today and see how Rocky Hill Equipment Rentals, Inc. can simplify your heavy equipment needs.

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Heavy Equipment Rentals Like Dozer Rental with Rocky Hill Equipment Rental provides reliable, efficient, heavy earthmoving equipment throughout the State of Texas.